Early Writing Round-up

September 28, 2009

Some really interesting posts this week in the course blogosphere: Ghayath’s Blog discusses the oral traditions of Syria, The Book finds illiteracy to be the basis of one of the world’s most famous books, and Expressions sees interesting connections between Neolithic “doodling” and Ebonics, early writing and cell phone use.  LitBlogger reminisces about family orality, while From Ink to LCDs muses about the “value” of paper—the craft of its making and the worth of whatever is written upon it.   Eng 5080 and green mind together fret about our over-reliance on electricity (with a fun detour into a classic Twilight Zone episode); two weeks from everywhere then sparks discussion on the essential book-lined “study”—a “Room of One’s Own,” anyone?   Literary Adventures posts twice: once to remind us that writing (and knowledge-making) has long been a preserve of the elite, a second time to reflect on the way digital storytelling can resurrect a forgotten and marginalized culture.  Finally, I also want to welcome a new class blogger, Words n’ Such.  You’ll enjoy this poet’s take on media culture.

What a pleasure to be invited into your brains!


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