“State of the Web” Report

This assignment asks you to report on a website relating to the course themes for the week you present.  You will post the text part of the assignment (parts I-II) on your blog. Please follow the instructions below.

I.  Summary
(approx. 500 words)
Read the ENTIRE site or sites (unless otherwise instructed).   List the title(s), author(s) and provide a link(s) to the page.  Clearly summarize your site(s) in paragraph form, conveying a full and accurate (though condensed) description for fellow class members.

II. Critical Evaluation (approx. 500 words)
The sites were not necessarily chosen for their reliability, just their potential relevance.  Consider both the form and the content of the site as you evaluate it for its ability to credibly illuminate the week’s topic .

1. Why did you choose to report on this topic?
2.  What was your first impression of the site?
3.  How does the physical format of the site affect your reading of it? (Consider layout, typography, color, graphic design, site structure, etc)
4.  Do you think the information presented on this site is reliable and valid? Why/why not? Be specific.  You may need to link beyond the page to explore this [important note: before answering this, read the handout on evaluating websites in Blackboard Course Documents]
5.  What aspects(s) of the course so far does this illuminate for you?  Explain.
6. What important issues, if any, does it leave out or ignore?
7.  Would you recommend that your classmates visit this site?  Anyone outside the class? Why/why not? If you do not recommend this site, is there another you would send them to instead?

III.  Present:
You will be given ten minutes to present the site to your classmates, using the classroom media cart.  Discuss the content and your evaluation of it.  You may use notes, but do not read your paper.  You will then answer questions from your classmates for another 5-10 minutes. The oral-visual presentation will account for 20% of the assignment’s grade.


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