Student Blogs

Some of these blogs are private.  You may need to email classmates to remind them to invite you.  (You can do this through the Blackboard Email link.)  For convenience’s–or maybe just redundancy’s–sake, these are also listed on the PageFlakes site.

http://anthonykanakri.blogspot.com/ Anthony

http://eng5080.blogspot.com. Keith

http://english5080.blogspot.com Irina

http://engprocrasinator.blogspot.com/ Veester

http://ghyath.blogspot.com/ Gyath

http://johanssont.blogspot.com/ Troy

http://litblogger-sarahv.blogspot.com/ Sarah

http://littechcul.blogspot.com Tiffany

http://lizardgoats.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth

http://nasryn.blogspot.com/ Nasryn

http://playwritting.blogspot.com/ Kellie

http://sabarcus.blogspot.com/ Stephen

http://sheila328-english5080.blogspot.com Sheila

http://stephaniedavis-aj2963.blogspot.com/ Stephanie

http://tahreemslit.blogspot.com/ Tahreem

http://tsalimnia.blogspot.com/ Tanaz

http://twoweeksfromeverywhere.blogspot.com/ Scott

http://vweather.blogspot.com/ Victoria

http://www.wordsnsuch-ian.blogspot.com/ Ian

http://www.jewelianne.blogspot.com/ Julianne

http://www.th3giv3r-text.blogspot.com Michal


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